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Cassie McBean Journal 3 In the ad that I found on TV, they are trying to see a bracelet (or more jewelry) from the jeweler, Jared. I like this ad because of the dance and how they incorporate the jewelry. As they are dancing around the floor with other dancers in the dance competition, she poses and the judges see the bracelet and say “He got it from Jared’s!” I like how they incorporate this because judges usually wouldn’t talk about the dancer’s jewelry but how they are dancing, but they are very impressed by the jewelry. The movement that is used is supposed to show how elegant that
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Unformatted text preview: the dance is and how elegant the piece of jewelry is. It is supposed to show how it is appropriate to wear the bracelet during the dance is since they are both very elegant. I think the best part of this was how they were able to incorporate how they show off the jewelry with the poses in front of the judges and how the other dancers talk about the piece of jewelry. That is a good way to get the message across because everybody is impressed with the jewelry....
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