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ART GALLERY CRITIQUE NAME Cassie McBean Name of Art Gallery John B. Davis Gallery City Pocatello, ID Title of Show Jewelry Exhibit Main Medium (painting, photography, sculpture,etc.) Handmade jewelry What piece in the show were you most attracted to and why? The piece that was most attractive to me was the spoon with the ribbon through it because I like how the artist was able to incorporate the ribbon through the spoon. It was very beautiful. Which piece was least attractive to you? Why? I didn’t find any one piece unattractive than any of the other ones. I liked them all and they were all very unique. What kind of connection or relationship can you find between this art exhibit and what we have studied thus far about dance as an art form? (Consider line, color, texture, purpose, motion, intent, shape, etc.) The relationships that I have found are that each piece has its own uniqueness to it and its own purpose and intent to it. They all have their own lines, colors, textures, and they all
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Unformatted text preview: look different from one another, like the different styles of dance there are in the world. Describe your overall impression of your art gallery visit. I liked this gallery a lot. I am in the fine arts building every day (since I am a music major) and I never had a reason to go into the John B. Davis Gallery but I am very glad that I did. I will have to start going in there more often. Do you think, as a result of this visit, that you will go to other exhibits in the future? Being from Boise, there is the Boise Art Museum about 10 minutes from my house and I like going to different art galleries. I will keep going to different ones because it is fun to see the different kind of art works are in these galleries. Make any other comments that you wish to about this visit. I was very impressed with this gallery and I look forward to see what kind of new exhibits they have in the future....
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