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VIDEOTAPE CRITIQUE NAME: Cassie McBean Title of Video: Save the Last Dance Choreographer: Randy Duncan, Fatima Robinson Performers: Julia Stiles, Sean Patrick Thomas Lead Dancers: Sarah Johnson (Julia Stiles), Derek Reynolds (Sean Patrick Thomas) Director: Thomas Carter Main Story Line or Plot: Sarah Johnson (Julia Stiles) moves to New York City to live with her dad after her mom passed away in a car accident. Sarah gives up ballet after her mom dies and after moving to NYC. When she is in NYC, she meets Derek Reynolds, who brings her into the world of Hip Hop. After sharing her view of ballet with Derek, he gets her to re-audition for Julliard (School of the Performing Arts). After a lot of hard work and almost giving up, Sarah gets her dream and makes it in to Julliard. How was dance portrayed or used in this video? What was the function of dance within the movie? Dance was portrayed in this movie because it was the main goal for the main character. She gave up her dream of dancing after her mom died and after moving to NYC, she
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