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Read and React 3: Movement as Dance Cassandra McBean, Page Monney, Cyndi Orner, Lyrissa Walker, Kimberly Woodworth The main points of the article are as follows: 1. People who continue to move through creative dance will remain movement rich and possess a nonverbal vocabulary that grows proportionately to their life experiences. 2. Moving only to accomplish goals is less satisfying. If we reach within our body and feel each movement and communication and receive the information from our body we will find great pleasure in our movements and greater non-verbal communication. 3. Creative dance can provide a release of human emotion. If we have pent up emotion such as anger, sadness, frustration, ECT. Creative dance allows us to vent
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Unformatted text preview: through movement and dance. There is no imitation, no steps to follow. Your body moves as your mind and soul feel. It is an outlet of human emotion. Creative dance can produce a high in which the dancer can feel care free and child like. It brings joy and pleasure to the dance. 4. There is a variety of translations that it becomes apparent we all had important movement uniqueness in vocabulary, style, and rhythm with each other. 5. It is important to express out true feelings and find rhythm instead of being told to imitate others. Creative dance helps us to live life as a whole. IT IS ONLY THROUGH SELF THAT WE EXPERIENCE OTHERS!...
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