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Cassie McBean March 3, 2008 English 102 Hekker The main point in her first essay is that being a housewife is okay. There is nothing wrong with having a mom or a wife that is a housewife. Although the numbers are rapidly decreasing of housewifes, there is nothing wrong with helping out the family and trying to make them happier. The main point her Hekker’s second essay is how divorce is ruining families all across the US. She explains that by being divorced and having children, the mothers are torn between making money for their children or spending time with their children. It is a
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Unformatted text preview: very difficult thing for single mothers to raise children. Schwartz and Scott 2. The nineteenth century economic changes are what changed that the mothers were primary givers as supposed to the fathers. It used to be that both the mother and the father had joint care in the children. 4. According to Schwartz and Scott, the reason for the younger marriage ages is because of the depression and that having a family should equal a happy life and so more people got married at a younger age to have that happy life....
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