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Journal #1 Survey of Dance What is Dance? Name____________ Section#_________ “There are almost as many definitions of dance as there are people writing about dance. There is great disagreement on how broad this definition should be. Some definitions include practically all human movement while Websters’s Dictionary limits it to ‘rhythmic movement of the feet or body, ordinarily to music’. Others assert that unless movement has symbolic meaning or expresses emotion, it is not dance. Still others claim that even animals can express emotion through movement, and therefore they dance. Exploring the meaning of dance, as expressed in either choreography or the written word or both, has become a lifelong search for some individuals.” (Lihs, p.1). The quotations that follow on page 2 of this document reflect the ideas of various persons involved in the experience of dance. Each comment highlights a different aspect of dance and yet they have some commonalities as well. What are some commonalities that you find among these various expressions? What are some differences? As an individual viewer of dance, you will be developing your own personal aesthetic and viewpoint to the experience of dance. As you read the viewpoints on page two, pick one that most closely aligns with your viewpoint and discuss how so. Feel free to add an additional quote if you have one that you can relate to. Do a little Web or textbook search and find out a bit about the person whose quote you
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McBean_Cassie 1 - Journal#1 Dance What is Dance Name...

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