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Christian Final - 9:53:00 PM The founder of Methodism in...

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26/02/2008 23:53:00 The founder of Methodism in the modern angelical movement is: John Wesley The second Vatican council: Modernized the catholic church Which of the following was not written by Martin Luther The sinners of the hand of the Angry God Which of the following is not one of Martin Luther’s teachings The adult baptism Theresa of Ababa wrote: Interior castle Henry the 8 th  split from the church of Rome: Divorce his wife This catholic cleric denounced the enslavement of Native Americans: Bartholomew Armeniasm emphasizes: Free will This catholic pope who initiated the Vatican two” John the 23 rd The Pentecostal movement is know for: Speaking in tongues Elizabeth Katie Stanstson The women’s bible Mary Baker Eddie The Christians Science Roger Williams
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Religious tolerance Vatican I
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