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mcbeansmallgrp - to go next They could have prepared of who...

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I attended a meeting called the Debs and Phils, which helps the Boise Philharmonic. Obviously I  had to go to Boise to attend this meeting, but I was able to also help them as well as observe  because I was the previous organization’s President from 2006-2007. Some responsibilities that  I observed that went well, is how they got the attention of the group and how the group  responded to the speakers throughout the quick 20 minute meeting. Some of the responsibilities  that could have had a little bit more attention is the fact that they weren’t sure of what was going 
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Unformatted text preview: to go next. They could have prepared of who was going to say what. The group didn’t really have any problems that needed to be solved. There were many things that had to be addressed in the meeting and some participation needed to take place from some of the members. The Presidents and the rest of the officers did a good job in addressing the members of the organization....
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