Lopach and Luckowski and Anouilh

Lopach and Luckowski and Anouilh - suspended from school...

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Cassie McBean February 8, 2008 English 102 Lopach and Luckowski 1. Some of the tactics that Earth First! And the Earth Liberation Front that was practiced by Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King are similar because they both used protests that were not violent but peaceful to get the point across. 3. Lopach and Luckowski think the teaching of civil disobedience has been defective because even though adults practice disobedience, when school people do it, they get
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Unformatted text preview: suspended from school because it is considered a bad thing there. Anouilh 4. After Polynices died, Creon became king and he didn’t think that he deserved a proper burial. 5. Absurd is referring to the fact of die. They don’t believe that dying is easy to say no to but it is also easy to say yes to....
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