Milgram, Baumrind, Parker

Milgram, Baumrind, Parker - experiment 3 Baumrind thinks...

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Cassie McBean February 4, 2008 English 102 Milgram 4. The psychologists and other people who were asked about the predictions of the experiment, the majority said that they thought that the subjects would back out. Some of the people who were asked to perform the experiment stopped but a lot of them kept going, so the predictions were wrong for the most part. 5. Milgram said that Yale University students are aggressive because of the competition they have due to the college life and the university they are at. He said that “ordinary” people would be different and would have different reactions during the experiment. Baumrind 2. Baumrind doesn’t think that a laboratory is the right place for this kind of experiment because it is an unfamiliar setting and when being in a laboratory, you have the pressure of knowing you are being tested. If this was in a home setting, some people might feel more comfortable with the
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Unformatted text preview: experiment. 3. Baumrind thinks this experiment could have been potentially harmful because of the fact that it causes a lot of emotional stress on the subject, by hearing the other person screaming in pain. Parker 1. The reason why his experiment was rejected at first is because he had created a torture device and he wasn’t trying to prove a theory or another person wrong. His experiment was to cause emotional stress on somebody else. In order to keep his acceptability, he rewrote his paper with variables and it was then published. 2. What Parker is trying to say is that Milgram proved that the Nazis did make their “workers” do what they wanted them to do but instead of having to do the whole WWII thing over again, Milgram was able to prove this in an American laboratory....
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Milgram, Baumrind, Parker - experiment 3 Baumrind thinks...

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