explanitory synthesis

explanitory synthesis - McBean 1 Cassie McBean 13 February,...

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Unformatted text preview: McBean 1 Cassie McBean 13 February, 2008 English 102 Obedience to Authority 1 Many people today have problems with obedience to authority. We have seen it in many different studies done by psychologists and even in wars such as the Second World War. These findings are not good and we, the people who read about the experiments need to react towards the wrong doings and do something different when it comes to these situations. The question now is how do people obey or even disobey the authority they are put under? Several experiments have been done to prove how people react to authority that is trying to get them to do harmful and cruel things to other people. 2 One of the experiments that were conducted to prove how far people would go to obey authority was by Stanley Milgram. In his experiment, he asked many different people, of different ethnic backgrounds, different sexes, and people from different cities. In this experiment, Milgram set up two different rooms, one with a person being shocked and the other was the person that was shocking the other subject with an McBean 2 authority figure sitting with them (Milgram 360). The people that were being shocked were actors and were saying how these shocks were hurting them. Many of them said that they had heart problems and some went silent after a certain number, as if they had gone into a coma or a serious state of being. The people who were shocking the actors wanted to stop but the authority figures who were with them kept telling them to go because it was part of the experiment. Many of those who questioned about the actors health kept going because the authority figures told them to keep going (361)....
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explanitory synthesis - McBean 1 Cassie McBean 13 February,...

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