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Asch and Fromm - different line making the other...

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Cassie McBean February 1, 2008 English 102 Asch 1. Suggestibility is the brain’s psychological process to the extreme. It is related to social pressure because the researchers were able to figure out that they could get a normal, awake person to do the opposite of what the already were doing/feeling/seeing. 2. In the experiment, there are 7-9 men that are placed in a room to look at 2 different cards. The first one has a single line and the second one has 3 lines, all of different lengths. The goal is to pick which line is the same on both cards. The first time, they all pick the same line and same with the second time. The third time, the last person to answer picks a
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Unformatted text preview: different line, making the other experimenters feel unsure if the picked the correct line or not. He becomes part of the minority group while the rest are part of the majority group. Fromm 3. Heteronomous obedience is obedience to a power that is higher up than you. Autonomous obedience is obedience to yourself and no one else. 4. Authoritarian conscience is the voice of an authority, which we are trying to please and make happy. Humanistic conscience is the independent voice that comes from an individual human being....
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