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Chapter 8
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Question 1: (1 point) Exercise 8-1 ABC Cost Hierarchy [LO1] Classify each of the activities as either a unit-level, batch-level, product-leve a. Various individuals manage the parts inventories b. A clerk in the factory issues purchase orders for a job c. The personnel department trains new production workers d. The factory's general manager meets with other department heads suc as marketing to coordinate plans e. Direct labor workers assemble products f. Engineers design new products g. The materials storekeeper issues raw materials to be used in jobs h. The maintenance department performs periodic preventative maintena on general-use equipment Question 2: (1 point)
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Exercise 8-3 Compute Activity Rates [LO3] As You Like It Gardening is a small gardening pricing and other purposes. The proprietor of the customer lawns, the size of customer garden b customers. In addition, the cost of maintaining ga beds (mainly ordinary trees and shrubs) or h Accordingly, the company uses the five activity co Activity Cost Pool Caring for lawn Caring for garden beds—low maintenance Caring for garden beds—high maintenance Travel to jobs Customer billing and service The company has already carried out its first-s activities are summarized as follows: Activity cost Pool
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