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1 SSP 1 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY/SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY Spring 2007 lectures Mondays and Wednesdays, 10:10-11:00am, Rauch 184 Professor: Ziad Munson office: Price Hall 8G email: [email protected], AIM: zmunson, phone: 758-3821 office hours: Mondays 11-12 or by appointment Teaching Assistants: Kelly Griskewicz ([email protected]) Samantha Raimo ([email protected]) Tiffany Searles ([email protected]) Intan Suwandi ([email protected]) online course information and material available on: Lehigh’s Blackboard ( ThomsonNow ( textbook companion site ( Course Objectives This course is designed to help students understand the basic concepts of sociology and social psychology. It introduces the range of topics sociologists study, the methods they use, and the kinds of knowledge they produce in our society. We will look at topics such as social class, globalization, race and diversity, sexuality, the social role of religion, and social change. We will address questions such as where does culture come from? How can we predict changes in the crime rate? What is power and how is it distributed in society? Why do people find membership in different kinds of groups and organizations so appealing? By the end of the semester, students should have gained a facility to think sociologically and an appreciation for how social forces shape our lives, both individually and collectively. Course Requirements and Grading 1) Attendance and participation (20% of final grade): Students are expected to attend every lecture and recitation throughout the semester. They are expected to complete all assigned readings and homework by the deadline and regularly participate in lecture activities and recitation discussions. Participation will be judged by quality as well as quantity. Students should talk to their recitation leader or me directly if they have any questions about their participation.
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2 Because recitation sections are discussion based, it is impossible to make up for the work that is done when you’re absent. As a result, regular attendance is particularly important in recitation. Students can miss one recitation session over the course of the semester without penalty. Subsequent unexcused absences will result in a one letter grade reduction in the attendance and participation grade for each such absence. Students who miss more than four
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