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PS1 - UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Department of Civil Engineering...

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Unformatted text preview: UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Department of Civil Engineering CIV101F STRUCTURES, MATERIALS AND DESIGN (SECTION E) Tutorial Problem Set # 1 Assigned: 9-14-2006 Due: 9—20—2006, 10:10 am. 1. Determine the components of the 325 kN force with respect to: a) (x, y) axes b) (x’, y’) axes c) (a, b) axes {by 1M] 2. Determine the resultant of the four forces shown. Use an algebraic solution. Show the resultant on a separate sketch. 7” 74. n} ‘55er 3. A line between points A and B gives the direction of the 90 N force. Determine the x and y components of the force. “be! It——~ 2'. . ism—rt" “2.1 --*>2t~~ we! 4. Two cables, which have known tensions, are attached to the top of pylon AB. A third cable AC is used as a guy wire. Determine the tension in AC, knowing the resultant of the forces exerted at A by the three cables must be horizontal. (Hint: sum components in the vertical direction.) 103.214 a .7 _ _... 4... ...
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