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JOB ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION ADUG, Carlo DATILES, Ericko Theo GUANCO, Glivzander Joshua RIVERA, Shannan Main Discussion Job Analysis Job analysis refers to the detailed and systematic investigation of a job. It aims to know the job’s nature, tasks, scope and responsibilities. Basically, it discovers job and worker requirements to successfully perform the job studied by collecting relevant job-related information. Job requirements include task and general responsibilities while worker requirements are different types of knowledge, skill, ability and other characteristics that are needed by the worker to perform the job adequately [1]. Job analysis is used to create job descriptions and specifications which will help the company define the job in order for them to hire, train and appraise, evaluate and compensate employees effectively and with basis. Basically, it aims to answer the following questions: Why does the job exist? What activities does the worker undertake? How does the worker do the job? What qualifications are needed to perform the job? Some ways of gathering the information required to do the analysis include the following: Observation Questionnaires and surveys Interviews Checklists Job Description A job description is made in job analysis, using the data gathering ways stated earlier, it is a document that lists the job’s duties, responsibilities [2]. The list may also include the relationships it has with the organization (i.e. their supervisory level and to whom they report to) and the job’s salary range. The more accurate the description the better the analysis of the job will be. An example of a job description can be seen in Figure 1. Figure 1. Job description of a shipping and a receiving clerk. Note that every time the job method is changed so does the job description. Sometimes the job specifications are just included in the job description.
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