f2006lecNotesWeek0 - ECE 190 — Fall Term 2006 Lecture...

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 190 — Fall Term, 2006 Lecture Notes 1 Introduction 1.1 Welcome • briefly 1.2 Instructors • two instructors for this course Professor Papakonstantinou myself, John Carter • introduce Professor Papakonstantinou (if present) more about our roles shortly • I am a lecturer teaching writing — C text no research • education undergraduate — math graduate — computer science • experience many years teaching high school ECE for last seven years 1.3 How to find instructors • refer them to information sheet • explain office hours • encourage them to use us as a resource, if they are in trouble 1.4 Lectures and recitations • three lectures each week with entire class • break up into three smaller groups for “recitations” each student only attends one recitation (as assigned in timetable) explain purpose of recitations go over some of the challenging ideas of the lectures do examples, proofs show relationships among ideas • recitations give a chance for a second look at material a few days after lectures • recitations give a better chance for asking questions also OK in big group but . .. • I will be giving the large lectures Prof Papakonstantinou will be giving the recitations 1 • we tried this system for the past three years students seemed to like it but we welcome new reactions • note in handout that recitations do not start until second full week of course...
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f2006lecNotesWeek0 - ECE 190 — Fall Term 2006 Lecture...

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