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History 2702 - History 2702 Test 1 World Powers cerca 1500...

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History 2702 – Test 1 World Powers cerca 1500 Agricultural society Herding society City States 1. hunter-gatherers Depend on that for meal substance Not farmers, little to no agriculture Migratory (based on seasons) Where? Australia (majority) Siberia / Russia Parts of Africa NW America to Alaska Example: Aboriginal Australians Had complex trading networks Complete religions ad mythologies “fire-stick farming” –use fire to clear out land for easier hunting/ gathering Example: Chinook Indians Hunted over 300 different species especially salmon Specialization Chiefdoms -> social distinictions Had slavery 2. Agricultural Societies Farmers – not migratory Organized and ordered Economic specialization – more distinct stratification Slavery More production -> slavery Broader economic networks Where? North America (most of it) Sub-equatorial Africa Amazon river basin SE Asia Example: Igbo People (sub-eq Africa) Fixed villages Stratified society No distinct ruler Status derived from reciprocity (giving most to others) Authority went through matrilineal lineages Example: Iroquois -> NY area Political association = common language Women in authority = matriarchal Controlled agriculture / legal disputes
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Agricultural societies tend to go to war a lot (over land) Iroquois conflicted with other tribes – lots of conflict Capture of enemies who’d become slaves Slaves were forced to use Iroquois culture Cultural Deletion 3. Herders Migratory – followed patterns of animals herd Depended almost solely on animals for their livelihood Social organization -> hunter / gather < herd < agricultural Often covered a large spance of land Often in conflict with stagnant city-states Where? – North American Plains West Africa Central / West Asia Middle East Example: Turkic (Turks) – central Asia
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History 2702 - History 2702 Test 1 World Powers cerca 1500...

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