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PS3 - equivalent force and its position 3 A truss supports...

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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Department of Civil Engineering CIV101F S TRUCTURES , M ATERIALS AND D ESIGN (S ECTION E) Problem Set # 3 Assigned: 9-28-2006 Due: 10-4-2006, 10:10 a.m. 1. It is known that a force with a moment of 960 N m about D is required to straighten the fence post CD . If d =2.80 m, determine the tension that must be developed in the cable of which puller AB to create the required moment about point D. 2. What single force applied to the body will move it (translation and rotation) in the same way that this whole set of forces will move it (i.e. find the
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Unformatted text preview: equivalent force and its position). 3. A truss supports the loading shown. Determine the equivalent force acting on the truss and the point of intersection of its line of action with a line drawn through points A and G. 4. A machine component is subjected to the forces and couples shown. The component is to be held in place by a single rivet that can resist a force but not a couple. For P = 0, determine the location of the rivet hole if it is to be located (a) on live FG, (b) on line GH. **(See reverse side for other figures)** 1 2 3 4...
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