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PS7 - *Please turn over for problems 3 and 4 3 A steel...

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UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO Department of Civil Engineering CIV101F S TRUCTURES , M ATERIALS AND D ESIGN (S ECTION E) Problem Set # 7 Assigned: 10-26-2006 Due: 11-01-2006, 10:10 a.m. 1. A log having a weight of 3.2 kN is lifted by a pair of tongs as shown. Determine the forces exerted at E and F on tong DEF. 2. Members ABC and CDE are pin-connected at C and supported by the four links AF, BG, DG, and EH. For the loading shown, determine the force in each link.
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Unformatted text preview: **Please turn over for problems 3 and 4** 3. A steel truss loaded as shown is supported by a pin at A and a roller at B. Determine the least weight section for member BD using one of the wide-flanged sections listed on the attached page. Assume a yield stress of 400 MPa, a load factor of 2.1 and E = 200x10 3 MPa. Lateral support is provided at each joint. 4. Determine the reactions at the beam supports for the given loading conditions....
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