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Reality TV - The show portrays women as less capable then...

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Dominic Rumore ENG 101 – Rocha TTh 12:15 – 1:30 October 2, 2007 Reality Shows Reality Shows Today breeds a new form of entertainment, one that contains more drama then a Broadway play, as much glamour as Hollywood and one that produces stars from nothing. My favorite reality show is Road Rules, it contains all of these elements and more. Road Rules is the best reality show because it is virtually the same as the rest of them but is physically demanding as well. In order to stay on the show, the contestants have to place well in an elimination challenge that occurs each week. The show portrays the inner strength of each contestant, since the challenges are very difficult whether it be a physical or psychological challenge.
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Unformatted text preview: The show portrays women as less capable then the men in the physical challenges and often much better in the psychological ones. It depicts our different races, as equals, and portrays a since of unity of mankind, free of racism and slander. Aside from the variety of gender and race, the show mixes different social statuses together. The more upper class contestants are often viewed as pompous and arrogant, while the lower class contestants are portrayed as ignorant fools, neither of which may be true, however the show is intentionally controversial in this manner....
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