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12/13/07 WRIT-101 Prof. Iannucci A Passage For Mandolin One of the main themes in “A Passage For Mandolin” revolves around Angelo’s development of characteristics similar to those of his father, Marty. As the story unfolds, their personalities are brought to life by very emotive dialogue and actions, which are comparable to each other. The progression and history of the relationships the characters have with each other is also a determinant to how they operate. The story relies heavily on these relationships, which are laid out through the variety of events and interactions the characters are involved in. Marty’s role is one of a very stereotypical con man. He is always looking for a way to make a quick buck by any means necessary. At one point he enlists the help of a seventeen-year old student, Giovanni, during his gym class to retrieve a “package” from the airport. Never hesitating to involve any external party with his unlawful ambitions, Marty becomes easily suspicious of people and he is always a bit uneasy around law enforcement officers. One aspect of Marty’s personality, which is very evident, is his sarcastic nature. This is recognizable by the conversations he has with other characters in the book. He
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A Passage For Mandolin - WRIT-101 Prof Iannucci A Passage...

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