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Practice questions - -Describe the support structures of medusoids of Cnidaria-Name and describe the different types of Cnidae What are the

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-Name the 3 grades of Porifera, examples of each, and describe the water flow of each. -How do species of Porifers stop or reduce water flow? -Describe the body structure of Porifera. -Describe reproduction in Porifera. -Describe body structure of Cnidaria. -Describe nerve/sensory system in Cnidarians. -Describe polypoid form of Cnidaria. -Describe medusoid form of Cnidaria. -Describe the coelenterons of polyps of all 3 classes. -Name the 4 other types of polyp forms and describe the zooids that belong to them. -What orders in Cnidaria are capable of polymorphism? Describe.
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Unformatted text preview: -Describe the support structures of medusoids of Cnidaria.-Name and describe the different types of Cnidae. What are the possible mechanisms for their discharge/firing?-Describe reproduction of the different Cnidarian classes.-What are the theories of Cnidaria? Describe the polyp vs medusa theory.-What are the unique features of Ctenophora?-What are the orders of Ctenophora? Name examples of each.-Describe reproduction of Ctenophora.-Describe the different theories of the evolution of Ctenophores....
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