Pre-Lab Plant Diversity

Pre-Lab Plant Diversity - be attained with that sample....

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Principles of Ecology Lab 3: Pre – lab exercise: Plant Diversity in Varying Levels of Fire Disturbance 1. What is species diversity ? A composite measure of the number of species and each species’ relative abundance in a community. 2. What is the intermediate disturbance hypothesis and who proposed this hypothesis? Says that intermediate levels of disturbance leads to greater diversity. Formulated by Joseph Connell. 3. What are the four diversity indices and one similarity index that we will be using in this lab and what does each index tell us about our community? Diversity : Richness-number of species in a community Simpson’s Diversity-reflects probability that any two individuals drawn at random from a community will belong to different species. Shannon-Weaver-Summarizes both the richness and relative abundance of each species in a community. Eveness-Compares actual diversity of a site to the maximum diversity that could
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Unformatted text preview: be attained with that sample. Similarity : Jaccard-the number of species that are common in two samples, the number of species in one site and not the other. 4. Formulate hypotheses about 1) what burn plot you would predict to be the most diverse, based on the intermediate disturbance hypothesis, 2) which burn plot you would expect to be most similar in species composition to the control (unburned) plot, and 3) how wiregrass and canopy cover will vary with fire frequency. 1) Based on the intermediate disturbance hypothesis, the plot that is burned every 5 years would be the most diverse. 2) The burn plot that will be most similar in species composition to the control plot will be the one burned every seven years. 3) Wiregrass and the canopy will be more abundant in areas burned more frequently....
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