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GENE REGULATION WORK SET_1 - and R You find that when...

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NAME_________________________________________ USF#____________________ GENE REGULATION WORK SET 1) Explain how enhancer sequences can function at a distance form the transcription start site? _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ 2) A transcription factor (Protein X) functions as a positive factor in the induction of gene A yet has a negative role on the transcription of gene B. How is this possible? _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ 3) Environmental exposure to pesticides causes some people to have a severe allergic reaction through expression of the ACHOO gene. To study this problem you isolate the ACHOO gene and its promoter and find numerous enhancer sequences termed X, Y, Z and R. Each is bound by a single protein also termed X, Y, Z
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Unformatted text preview: and R. You find that when proteins are bound to any combination of X, Y or Z, the ACHOO gene is off, yet the ACHOO gene is transcribed when the R site is occupied by the R protein, regardless of whether the X, Y or Z site is occupied. What can you conclude from this information concerning the function of the various enhancer sequences and the proteins that bind them? _________________________________________________________________________________________ _ 4) When you look at the proteins that are present in the cells of people that are sensitive to pesticides you find the R protein but you do not find it in people whom are resistant to pesticides. You find the X, Y and Z in all cells. What does this new information tell you about how the ACHOO gene is regulated in sensitive people?...
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