081HIST-181A-1_11974 - Basic Writings of Mo Tzu Hsun Tzu and Han Fei Tzu(Columbia Press Thereafter we will read and discuss the following thinkers

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History 181a John Schrecker Spring 2008 Olin-Sang 217 (x62284) [email protected] SEMINAR ON CHINESE THOUGHT This course satisfies the Non-Western and Comparative Studies component of the University Studies requirement. If you have a disability on record at Brandeis and want a reasonable accommodation to be made for you in this class, please see me immediately. 1. Jan. 16 Introduction 2. Jan. 30 Lecture on the historical setting 3. Feb. 6 Begin discussion of The Analects of Confucius , tr. D.C. Lau (Penguin paperback). You should own this and the other major texts. They are available in the bookstore. 4. Feb. 13 Continued discussion of the Analects 5. Feb. 27 The length of the discussion of a given book will set the pace for the class. By now we will likely begin discussing Mo Tzu, tr. Burton Watson in
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Unformatted text preview: Basic Writings of Mo Tzu, Hsun Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu (Columbia Press). Thereafter, we will read and discuss the following thinkers: A. Lao Tzu ( Tao Te Ching ), tr. Wing-tsit Chan (Macmillan paperback) B. Mencius (Meng-tzu), tr. D. C. Lau (Penguin paperback) C. Han Fei-tzu, tr. Watson (in Columbia volume) D. Hsun-tzu, tr. Watson (in Columbia volume) E. Chu Hsi (selections on reserve) F. Wang Yang-ming (selections on reserve) Course Requirements : 1. Reading the books listed above 2. Regular class attendance and participation in discussions 3. A paper (about 10-15 pages) examining a Western topic from the point of view of one of the thinkers; for example: What Confucius would think of the U.S. Constitution....
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