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Homework 2 - children and are of the same health status...

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James Westover PSC200 Homework 2 1. Americans with greater wealth tend to favor fiscally conservative platforms over fiscally liberal platforms. 2. a. The Italian birthrate is inversely related to amount of pasta eaten by Italian families. b. The independent variable is amount of pasta eaten and the dependent variable is the birthrate of particular Italian families. c. The validity problem is omitted variables, many factors contribute to birthrate least of which being wealth and leisure time available. d. Eating pasta in large amounts, having pasta for four or more meals a week will reduce the birthrate among a group of subjects all trying for children. e. I would control for the variables by selecting families who are all trying to have
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Unformatted text preview: children and are of the same health status beforehand and monitoring their diets while and perhaps even setting frequency of intercourse; however, this last measure would be difficult to enforce. 3. The largest flaw here is that belligerent is a hard to gauge quantity and this hypothesis really is not testable practically. 4. The sample selection is not random and only includes countries with the most wars rather than comparing countries at random or in total. 5. a. The sample does not include the population that it is trying to extrapolate the conclusion to. b. The existence of a vast welfare programs and different shared morals, ideals, and expectations of government....
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