Stats Definitions - Quartiles: Data that is distributed by...

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Definitions for Statstics Frequency Distribution Table: Data that is grouped into classes or intervals. Each data falls into one category or class. Mean: The average of a group of numbers divided by how many samples there are. The mean is expressed in various types: The sample mean, the population mean, the mean of x-bar distribution, and the mean of p-hat distribution. Median: The number in a group of samples which falls in the middle. Mode: The number which repeats the most in a set of data Variance: Used as a type of range to determine how data is arranged in an expected value. Standard Deviation: The same as the variance but uses a square root when computed in data sets. Range: The difference between the largest and the smallest numbers in a set of data. Midrange: Also known as the midpoint. The midrange is the median of each class of data.
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Unformatted text preview: Quartiles: Data that is distributed by fourths. Q0=0%, Q1=25%, Q2=50%,Q3=75%, and Q4=100%. Histogram: A type of bar graph that has “touching” bars, a width that depends on the “x” value, and a height that depends of the frequency. Bar Graph: A chart that represents a distribution of data by using bars. A bar graph is the same as a histogram but has “spaced” bars. Pie Chart: A chart that represents data by using pieces. A pie chart adds up to 100% and can have various pieces. Box Plot: A graph that is used in conjunction with quartiles. Sometimes the box plot has whiskers that represent where the data begins and where it ends. Stem-and-Leaf Plot: A chart that splits each number into groups. A stem is the first number (i.e. 1 in 135). The leaf is the ending part of the number (i.e. 35 in 135)....
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Stats Definitions - Quartiles: Data that is distributed by...

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