Greek culture during the early Christian Years

Greek culture during the early Christian Years - Notes for...

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Notes for History of the Church (Part #1) Greek culture influenced social, political, and intellectual aspects of 1 st century Palestine. Socially, the Greeks and the later conquerors, the Romans, both destroyed all of the Jewish temples in Jerusalem turning the temples into synagogues. Most of the new synagogues were built right in the city of Palestine. Therefore, ending the Jews long lasting pilgrimage to the temple to worship Yahweh. Politically, the Greeks established the “city-state” which allowed citizens of other countries to become citizens of Palestine. Also, the laws of the Torah were established which were religious based guidelines and beliefs in which the Jews abided by. In addition, the Greeks let the Jews govern their own lives freely without the government’s interference. Intellectually, the Greeks brought forth the Hellenistic ideology from Alexander the Great to Palestine. Hellenistic is used to describe how Greek culture and thoughts are spread to non-Greek
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