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Disciple Paul's message - for Christians to understand But...

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How Paul’s message affected Christian thought: As to every story, there are two sides. There are people who do not believe Paul changed the message of Jesus. But nonetheless, there are also some people who believe that Paul indeed did change the message of Jesus. But most of the evidence that I encountered seemed to agree with the former statement. In my opinion, Paul probably did alter the message of Jesus to make the message more believable and interesting to followers. According to The History of Christianity, “Paul was also an apocalypticist”. “He apparently believed that God would intervene in history and destroy the world in his own lifetime” (35). The former statement sounds as if Paul tried to alter Jesus’ message
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Unformatted text preview: for Christians to understand. But nonetheless, Paul did differentiate the message between Jews and Gentiles as well. Paul’s alteration of Jesus’ message should have not occurred because Paul was not an apostle. According to the book The Christian Theological Tradition by Catherine Cory, an apostle is defined as “one who is sent out by Jesus to preach the word about him” (94). Therefore, Paul was never an apostle because he did not personally know Jesus and did not live during Jesus’ lifetime. Thus, Paul is considered as just a “learner or a follower” (94) or better known as a disciple....
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