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Toxicology Notes - Cancer therapies= how well the drug is...

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Notes for Tox Biomarker-a characteristic I can use to make a prediction about a specific genotype in a person. Biomarker=warfarin Genotyping= specifically identifying a sequence of a specific locust or place. Palindrome CTTAAG CTTAAC CTTAAT Cytochrome= cell color “Ole” or “ol”= substances that contains alcohol. Multidrug resistence= 1) give drugs to one patient and the drug metabolizes too fast. The nervous system is the best example of drug transport. Combinatorial therapy=giving the patients many cocktails or various types of drugs.
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Unformatted text preview: Cancer therapies= how well the drug is going to work and what bad things or side effects happen to the patient. Anti hypertention drugs= drugs used to drop high blood pressure. Dopamine receptors= LSD binds the receptor better than other hallucinogens. Self-reporting is the flaw in ethnicity tests. Most scientists take a sample and use tests in order to generate results....
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