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Gender Selection - Brittany Tiplady GWRIT 103 12:20 Final...

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Brittany Tiplady GWRIT 103: 12:20 March 14, 2005 Final Draft Do You Prefer Blue or Green Eyes? “Mommy, I don’t want another sister, I want a little brother. I already have two older sisters, and now I am going to have a little sister. Isn’t there anything you can do so that I can get my little brother? Please Mommy, please!” This is the plea of a young girl, begging her mother, Karen to produce the little brother she has always dreamed of; the little brother that the mother and father, Bryan have always dreamed of. “There is nothing that we can do sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy are trying really hard to have a little brother, but there is nothing that we can do right now. You will have to love your new little sister, and we will try once more to give the family a little brother.” Families struggle every day attempting to have a child that is the gender of their choice. Many families have multiple children of the same gender, hoping to get a child of the opposite gender. For some families this is a success, while for others this can be a frustrating, upsetting and emotional rollercoaster. There is a new technology that allows families to choose the gender of their next child. The pioneer of this technology is a company called Microsort. (Microsort) Microsort separates the father’s sperm using different dyes that pick up the X and Y chromosomes, and show them in different colors, allowing for the sperm to be sorted into male and female sperm. The sperm is then artificially inseminated into the mother and the family can hope for the best. (Kirejczyk) Whether it is to balance out a family or to carry on the family name, many families find themselves in this situation and decide that sperm separation is the only 1
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option. (“Predetermining the Sex of Your Child”) For most families, it is a last resort. When Bryan and Karen were faced with the choice of selecting the gender of their next child they had many different issues to contemplate, and many family members that were more than eager to give their opinion. Karen’s mother, Margaret, a devout Catholic, was completely against selecting the gender of Karen and Bryan’s next child. She argued that it was “playing God,” and that it went against the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. (Haas, 283) Margaret also stated that if they were meant to have a baby boy that God would give them one and that they had no right to make the choice themselves. She also said that Karen and Bryan
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