Substance abuse in schools

Substance abuse in schools - Brittany Tiplady GWRIT 103:...

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Brittany Tiplady GWRIT 103: 12:20 February 8, 2005 Final Draft “Shootin’ It Up!” Substance abuse in Loudoun County Public Schools Audience: The Loudoun County Board of Education and the administration of the middle and high schools of Loudoun County. Imagine sitting in math class when the teacher steps out into the hallway to talk to another administrator. You notice the student next to you pulling out a school identification card and a rolled up dollar bill. The student then proceeds to crush a pill and snort lines of cocaine on the desk and quickly puts everything away right as the teacher walks back into the room. Drug and alcohol abuse are a big problem in primary and secondary schools today. Substance abuse is not just a college problem anymore. Students do not seem to understand the consequences of drug and alcohol usage, and they do not seem to realize how these substances can inhibit the ability to perform well and to grow and develop properly. Administrators in Loudoun County public schools do not seem to take notice of this substance abuse situation, and therefore do not punish and attempt to stop this problem. Each year younger kids are trying substances; usually alcohol comes first and then there can be a progression towards more harmful drugs. One example that I am familiar with is in Broad Run High School, located in Ashburn, Virginia. There has been a dramatic increase in the ramped drug use. The reason in unknown, but it seems to be that the policies are not enforced and students have finally caught on. Take the classes of 2004 and 2008 for example. In the class of 2004, it was not common to see anybody 1
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consume drugs or alcohol before high school; however, with the class of 2008, it was common to see students consuming alcohol in seventh and eighth grade. The class of 2008, at Broad Run High School has even taken it up a level and started smuggling alcohol into school. Students are very creative when attempting to bring alcohol and drugs into school, other students, though, are very simple minded and just do it out in the open. Some students inject oranges with vodka and eat them at lunch. Others make mixed drinks and drink the screwdrivers or rum and coke during class. Students make “special” brownies and Rice Krispy treats in order to consume marijuana during lunch. Others just smoke before the school day starts, which is called a “wake-and-bake.” Some students are very
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Substance abuse in schools - Brittany Tiplady GWRIT 103:...

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