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Jennifer Nguyen Dr. Yufeng Zhang March 17, 2008 A Critique of Multilingualism in Post 9/11 U.S. Schools: Implications for Engaging Empire After national or local incidents of terrorism perpetrated by a certain group or race, backlash often occurs to anyone resembling the perpetrator(s). After 9/11, Americans of Middle Eastern or South Asian background were assaulted for merely being their race and ethnicity. In another example, during World War II, Germans, Italians, and Japanese in the United States were hesitant to show anything that might be construed as national or ethnic pride. One crucial thing to their heritage that they are denying is language. To prove loyalty to the United States, speaking English was unconsciously encouraged. Wong, a professor of multicultural and bilingual education, and Motha’s, a professor of multilingual education, article delves into the aspects of why heritage languages are so easily lost, tells the stories of how each family become predominantly English speaking, and their proposal to discourage this pressure against maintaining the native tongue. Wong and Motha state that the current school system is against the preservation of heritage languages. Bilingual children entering school are forced to make a choice between their native tongue and English, when their multilingualism should be used to enhance their education. Wong and Motha calls to action an increase in multilingual facilities in school districts including in staff. While idealistically a good move, realistically it can be a good deal harder to pull off. The article focuses on the strong discouragement of native language preservation,
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Article Critique - Jennifer Nguyen Dr Yufeng Zhang A...

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