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Jennifer Nguyen Dr. Zhang English Composition April 16, 2008 Multilingualism and its Growing Importance Multilingualism in the United States is a dying quality. Fewer than 50% of high school students take foreign language courses, the vast majority of which being Spanish and French. (Cite) A staggeringly small percentage actually gain relative proficiency in a foreign language and only a small percentage of these are learning the most spoken languages such as Chinese and Arabic. While bilingual students are very common in many developed countries overseas, the same can not be said of American students. After shattering recent events such as 9/11, people are starting to realize how crucial our lack of knowledge in critical languages such as Arabic, Mandarin, Farsi, etc. is. Students need to be aware of all the benefits and advantages in becoming multilingual, socially, economically, and internationally. The most spoken and critical languages at the moment include Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Arabic, and Russian. Japanese, while not spoken as widely as the languages above, is another critical language in today’s modern world, because it is one of the U.S.’s main partners with a strong growing economy. (Cite) Arabic’s importance is partly related to Islam as well as to the Arab speaking countries. Arabic is considered the language of Islam, which covers a large part of the religious spectrum in the world after Christianity. (Cite) While it is still worthwhile to learn any foreign languages like Swedish or Sioux, the previous mentioned languages are more important in the present and upcoming economy and international relations.
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Awareness and knowledge of other languages leads to awareness of other cultures as well, which can lead to greater levels of social acceptance and tolerance amongst
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Research paper - Jennifer Nguyen Dr. Zhang English...

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