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Unformatted text preview: Millersville University Mathematics Department MATH 211, Calculus II, Series Worksheet Please determine whether the following infinite series converge absolutely, converge conditionally, or diverge. You will be required to use a variety of tests for convergence and some results may be determined by more than one technique. Justify your answers by naming the tests for convergence or divergence you are using. 1. k+1 k=1 k! 2. (-1)k 2 k=1 k k + 1 3. 4. 5. (-1)k 3k 2 3 k=1 k + 1 1 2 k=2 k k - 1 ln k 3 k=1 k 6. 7. 8. (-1)k k k=1 1 2 k=2 k(ln k) ln k (-1)k k k=1 9. 2k (2k + 1)! k=1 10. (2k)k 2k k=1 k ...
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