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Notest for Test 3 - Section 3- Ancient Hominids...

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Unformatted text preview: Section 3- Ancient Hominids Australopithencines- never found outside of Africa. Genus o Australopithecus Species o Afarensis- this species is found in Afar Triangle in NE Africa. Lucy was found in Hadar, part of Afar Triangle. o Aficanus- found in South Africa o Robusts- found South Africa o Boisei- found East Africa None of the early hominids has ever been found outside of Africa. Rift Valley- a part of Eastern Africa that provides permanent records of hominids. Lucy- was found by Donald Johanson. She was the very first, most ancient hominid that was found. She was found in living floors. Places where early hominids lived & thrived. 3.2+ million years old Lucy- 40% complete. Adult. 3 molars. Most complete ever found for that time period. Louis S. B. Leakey- associated with hominid excavations. Father of paleoanthropology Mary Leakey- wife of Louis Leakey She found more hominids than Louis Olduvai Gorge- it is an important part for finding Hominids in southern Africa. Referred to as Mile- Wide Gorge Afarensis- East Africa, their features: Afar Triangle- Hadar- Donald Johansen found Lucy (40% complete, adult, 3 molars). Molarization of teeth- 3 rd molars larger than others. Molars get larger towards the back of the jaw. S-shaped spine; small brain; large teeth. Sexual dimorphism, but small overall Weight: 60+ lbs 130+ lbs. East Africa- living floors- where they actually lived. Bipedalism- long distance walking, allows them to carry things in hands, & survey the savannah for dangers/predators. Earliest hominids Apelike features : o Curved phalanges o Relatively short hind limb o Probably both arboreal & terrestrial Hominid like features : o Bipedalism- they can walk upright. This places them with Hominids. o Relatively long legs o Short, broad ilium o Angulation of knee joint Afarensis sites : these places are in the Afar triangle....
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Notest for Test 3 - Section 3- Ancient Hominids...

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