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Psychology 1010 Rough Draft for Research Paper October 28, 2007 Introduction: Autism is a multifaceted developmental disability that usually emerges throughout the primary years of existence and is the consequence of a neurological disorder that influences the standard operations of the brain, impacting growth in the regions of communal contact and communication proficiency (Seroussi). Children and adults with autism characteristically show obscurity in spoken and non-spoken statements, public interactions, and leisure or play activities. However autism affects everyone in very different ways; that is why being observant of the symptoms is crucial to the diagnosis of a person. To be able to catch this disease in early development will help to safe guard a child and begin special prevention programs in which can make a child’s life more easy to live. Roughly today over 1.5 million people in the world are diagnosed with the disease of autism, so this is a subject that can not be taken lightly (Autism Society of American, 2006). A family may not be directly affected by it yet since it is so widespread they could come in contact with a child who is autistic anywhere. Many years of intensive research scientists have come to find out that there is not one single cause of autism. Yet it is generally characterized by basic abnormalities found in the genetic make-up of the brain that causes it to malfunction (Autism Society of American, 2006). Scans have been developed to be able to see the differences in the shape and size of brain cavity areas on an autistic child verses a child who is not autistic. (Wing, 2001) Researchers are examining a countless number of ideas on how autism develops including but not limited to the relationship involving genetics, inheritance and medical problems. (Wing, 2001) Recent studies have shown the linkage between the heredity of the disease through out a person’s family. There
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Research Paper - Psychology 1010 Rough Draft for Research...

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