Ashley Ricke4 - Senior Community Service Reflection Paper...

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Senior Community Service Reflection Paper Community service what is it good for, basically what I asked my self freshman year when we were told we had to do it. Sitting in a hot sweaty room with no air conditioning where I knew no one I raised my hand and asked my community teacher Mr. Sommer, why. He replied because that’s just what we do. I sat there kind of confused but I never asked anyone that question ever again. Over the past four years at Ryken my community service has not been as extensive as it was this past year. I was a typical student and I waited until this summer to complete my thirty hours, at first I was totally stressed out thinking that I would never even be able to get all of these hours done in time. Thirty hours seemed like such a lot to me but it went by quickly because I actually had a lot of fun. The opportunity I had was once in a life time, I did something that to me was interesting and fun. I became an intern for the Governor Robert Ehrlich Campaign for Re-election. When people think of the word intern they imagine a person basically sitting behind a desk just doing busy work for the man above them. This is not what I did at all! My job was very hands on and behind the scenes work, which is more than I could have ever asked for. My dream in life is to become the President of the United States, ever since the 3 rd grade that is what I wanted to do with my life and now I have taken the first step toward it. You’re probably thinking what could this girl have done to even amount to any type of community service, well let me tell you if what I did was not service to the community then I deserve a medal. My first day I was sent to meet a woman named Diane Crogan who was the head Campaign Manager for Gov. Ehrlich. She took me to Campaign Headquarters
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in Towson, MD. There the first day I did sit behind a desk and put stamps on about a million envelopes with bumper stickers in them and sent them out to my fellow republican Americans. Little did I know that would have been the easiest job I had this whole time. For the next few weeks I had to make phone calls, polling people in my local community and
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Ashley Ricke4 - Senior Community Service Reflection Paper...

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