Comm 1010 final - Ashley 1 Final Exam 7 One thing I would...

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Ashley 1 Final Exam: 7) One thing I would change would be taking this class so early in the morning. Seeing as this class took a lot of class participations, it would have been better for me to take it at another time to fully get the benefits. The one assignment that I really enjoyed and liked was the name tag. Not only did it allow us to be creative but it helped me learn everyone’s names twice as fast and if you know someone’s name it opens the door to communication. I enjoyed the way in which you had us set up our notebooks. It kept me well versed and organizes throughout the duration of the semester. There were not too many things I didn’t like except for the listing assignments. The whole indicator wording thing always confused me. If I took this class over again there were not many things I would do differently aside from the speeches as I imagine many people in our class would take more seriously. But as you said yourself people fear it more than death itself. Being prepared was great but conquering my fear was out of the question. I have already recommended this class to others and if my family members were in college then I would recommend it to them as well. It did not involve to much work and I learned a lot of vital information. I found the grading policy to be “different” there are not many teachers who would give you a 70% cushion but I am not complaining. I found the extra credit to not only help our grades but it helped us to use the things we learned this semester as well as by attempting to communicate. Overall this class was not a total waste of time as some of my others ones were this semester. As for this final, I think that it’s a way to test our knowledge of the subject, yet after taking your class I was hoping you would have come up with something more creative. 1) Two mantras that I find to be specifically important are “No risk, No Gain” and the Vitamin Mantra “If you want to make a friend B1=Be one.” These two mantras are simple, no risk no gain means that in order for you to be able to gain anything worth while in communication a little risk is involved. In order for communication to take place you need people to communicate with. I have communicated with people due to the help of this mantra by taking the risk of talking to people I do not even know and by doing this I have gained new friends. In the future this mantra can be used to my advantage by taking risks by actually caring and actually taking control of a situation. An example would be caring for my sister and taking control of a situation when we are arguing so I help our communication relationship and not harm it. This mantra can tie into the Vitamin mantra which is for the most part self explanatory, if you want to make a friend then be one. You have to be a friend to be able to earn a friend. I live through this mantra everyday with my best friend Kelsey Pedersen. If I was not a friend to her then she and I would never have become friends or even continue to stay so close. In the future I can see myself using
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Comm 1010 final - Ashley 1 Final Exam 7 One thing I would...

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