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Discussion Q #3 - Discussion Question#4 Professor Petty I...

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Discussion Question #4 Professor Petty I chose to watch TV shows featured on MTV known as “reality series” such as “The Hills” and “Newport Harbor” I do not normally watch this shows but I do know that the majority of teenagers do so I wanted to see what everyone was constantly raving about. These shows were based on a totally materialistic way of life. Everything was centered on the newest technology or things that people could purchase. Now mind you that these were “reality” TV shows meaning that they are based on real life situations and experiences. The patterns that I observed were based on the “upper” class society; they were all shows that I know teenagers in Calvert County could not possibly begin to relate to. It was as if these shows were what people wished their lives could be like. But if they knew what went on behind the scenes I doubt that they would still be saying that. These shows could honestly not be reality because no one really lives their lives in that way. The drama and things people do and say is not just a coincidence.
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  • Spring '07
  • petty
  • Television program, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, Calvert County, Newport Harbor, totally materialistic way

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