DQ 2 - Socio Exercise DQ 2 In my high school there was not...

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Socio Exercise DQ 2 In my high school there was not a big separation between students. Since we all wore uniforms for the most part we looked exactly the same. The ways in which you could tell we had some sort of stratification were in the classes you took and the things you were involved in. If you took a more rigorous class schedule and you were an athlete then you were perceived to be an over achiever which necessarily was not a bad thing it was just a name given. Yet if you took classes in which you just took to get by you were shown as someone who really did not care as much. Like I said this is really kind of hard to describe because we all were “the same”. Looking at my sister who goes to a public school –by choice- there is a prevalent difference and it is found in what you wear and how you dress. She is perceived to be a “hoochie gangster chick” the TOTAL opposite of me and if I were to walk into that school I would be labeled as a “stuck up snob”. Today this day in age everyone is so focused about money and in labels and what we
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