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Although teenage pregnancy is an issue faced at the center of much current social concerns and political debate people are not realizing the difficulty that it has on the actual teens. The focus is more generalized to the bad decisions that the teens are making yet not the things that have lead up to their actions. Today’s society does not seem to realize the issue of adolescent pregnancy and the daunting effects it is having on many families, the situations they go through are serious and many people have overlooked the overall problems they have faced throughout their lives. Life has not always been this way and teenage pregnancy was not always a pressing issue, there used to be many other ways that children could deal with their stress. Even in an odd occurrence if they in fact did become pregnant it was handled in a totally different manner than today. During the 1940’s the percent of women who were not married when the gave birth was the lowest recorded at 3.8 % (Belsie). In the 1950’s if a teenage girl had become pregnant they were in a sense “removed” from their families for the 9 month process said to be living with some long lost relative in Vermont (Berlfien). Yet back in those days 6 out of 7 pregnant girls married the father of the child (Berlfien). An estimated 1.5 million woman during the 1950’s, 60’, and 70’s who were sent away and gave their children up then returned home only to pretend the births had never even happened (Fessler). While today we are lucky if the girl even remembers what guy she had sex with the next morning. In moving along the teenage pregnancy timeline in the 1970’s teenage girls who were pregnant could not even remain in high school (Berlfien). While today you would not even blink twice if you were to walk into a public high school that has a day care for students with children. Also in 1973 determined by the Roe V. Wade Supreme Court decision abortion became legalized and this soon became the answer to many of teenager’s problems (Berlfien). Statistics shows that 95% of all abortions are performed
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for social problems and the other 5% are for a health threat or an occurrence of rape (Stock). What teenagers are not realizing is that it can happen to anyone and the decisions they are
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First%20First%20Draft[1] - Although teenage pregnancy is an...

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