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English 1010 M/W Just Sweep the Child Under the Rug. Numerous issues are lost in the political spectrum of today, they become swept under the rug and potentially forgotten until some one pushes them back out again. Our society is moving at such a fast whirl wind pace and concerns that seem pointless to some can make or break another’s life. An issue that has been pushed under the rug for many years now has been adolescent pregnancy. The political part of teenage pregnancy has more or less focused on the bad judgments that the youth has been making, yet it continues to ignore the circumstances that have lead up to their actions. The social life of today has come to “accept” teenage pregnancy and continues to just keep pushing the issue underneath the carpet. People need to begin to realize the concern of children having offspring at such a young age. They are not realizing the daunting effects it is having on many families, the situations they are enduring are severe and the problems they have gone trough throughout their lives will not go away with just a broom. The struggle these young adults have been involved in over the course of their lives needs to be acknowledged so this downward spiral can end. Teenage pregnancy has just become a pressing issue considering the number of peers who have become pregnant is on such a steady increase. Life has not always been this way even in an odd occurrence if in fact a young girl did become pregnant it was handled in a totally different manner than today. During the 1940’s the percent of women who were not married when the gave birth was the lowest recorded at 3.8 % (Belsie). In the 1950’s if a teenage girl had become pregnant they were in a sense “removed” from their families for the 9 month process said to be living with some long lost relative in Vermont (Berlfien). Yet back in those days 6 out of 7 pregnant girls married the father of the child (Berlfien). An estimated 1.5 million woman
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during the 1950’s, 60’, and 70’s who were sent away and gave their children up then returned home only to pretend the births had never even happened (Fessler). While today we are lucky if the girl even remembers what guy she had sex with the next morning. In moving along the teenage pregnancy timeline in the 1970’s teenage girls who were pregnant could not even remain in high school (Berlfien). While today you would not even blink twice if you were to walk into a public high school that has a day care for students with children. Also in 1973 determined by the
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November%2026th%20draft[1] - English 1010 M/W Just Sweep...

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