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Ashley Ricker English 1010 M/W 10:15- 11:45 Research Paper Outline November 2, 2007 An Epidemic of Teenage Pregnancy I. Introduction a. Thesis: The issue of teenage pregnancy is becoming detrimental to the society of the United States of America. II. Teenage Pregnancy a Serious Problem a. What are the effects of teenage pregnancy on families b. How does the media play a role in this issue c. Teenagers can not make good parents
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Unformatted text preview: d. Teenage parents face daunting challenges III. The Factors that Contribute to Teenage Pregnancy a. Sexual Abuse b. Lack of accurate sex information c. Poor life circumstances IV. Options? a. Abortion is not an option b. Adoption V. Teenage Pregnancy Being Reduced. a. Abstinence b. Sex Education c. Welfare Reform d. Setting Examples VI. Overall Effects of Teenage Pregnancy a. Conclusion...
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