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Psychology Perspectives - today Another perspective is the...

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Psychology Perspectives September 9, 2007 There are many different ways a person can view psychology, and each of their views, opinions, and beliefs are important. If we did not have the free will to be able to question our thoughts then many of these perspectives would of never have come about. After reviewing them I find them to be very important and interesting. For example the psychoanalytic perspective emphasizes the importance of mental processes that occur when a person is unconscious. This is an amazing study because not only can we tell what a person is thinking when they are awake but we can now see behind the barrier of communication and look directly into their brain. It also works with children and how their lives develop over time. Meaning that it looks at a child at usually a young age and makes a sort of mental time line describing the ways in which they act
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Unformatted text preview: today. Another perspective is the humanistic perspective and like its name it studies the individual person and how they are able as human beings to make decisions through out their lives. People who study this type of psychology believe in a person’s over all free will and how they handle responsibility in their lives. Also it focuses on interpreting important events in people’s lives and determining the more important things overall. It is a basic study of “you” and how a person can choose its own behaviors and mind sets. Lastly the cognitive theory focuses on the memory and the skills that you need to have to be able to obtain a good memory. It also deals with problem solving skills and how to develop them. People who study this theory are interested in the overall mental layouts of people’s brains and the certain types of thoughts that guide behaviors....
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