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SOCIO-EXERCISE #2 In many counties across the world gay marriage is widely accepted among civilians, in Belgium, Canada, South Africa and even in the U.S within the state of Massachusetts. Just because the government says gay marriage is ok does not mean it is. Many of the things that the government does now are not ok, why should this be any different. To me marriage is defined as a promise between a man and a woman not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. I have been brought up to be a catholic my whole life I have been to private school as well and this issue is brought up in many religious talks. In no way shape or form do I see this to be ok, granted who am I to judge what others feel. I would not say that I am homophobic because I have an uncle who in fact is gay and married to a man named Matt. One Christmas about 4 years ago my cousins and I were all playing outside and we walked around the back of the house to find them kissing each other. The fact that they were married was not announced to the younger
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