strange bedfellows - Strange Bedfellows People are effected...

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Strange Bedfellows People are effected by the media every day even when we least expect it. Since media has such an outstanding effect on our lives and our daily lifestyle many politicians take advantage of how technology has flourished over the years. Now a days we can have live broadcasts of things going on in a whole different country and not think anything of it. In Tom Rosenstiel’s Strange Bedfellows he shows the different aspects of media during the 1992 presidential candidate election between Bill Clinton and George Bush, and how the media has changed American politics overall. In one certain debate there was a major turning point for both Bush’s and Clinton’s campaigns, and Rosentiel believed that the exploitation of comments used in this debate led to George Bush’s downfall and the rise to the Clinton empire. Ashley Ricker (News Reporter): Hi and thanks for joining us here at channel 64 news I’m Ashley Ricker and our top story this week is the heated debate between George Bush and Bill Clinton. Now let’s go live to the debate… Ashley: (woman in background): Yes well Mr. Bush how does this deficit affect you? Ben Shelley (Bush): well, umm I don’t get it
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strange bedfellows - Strange Bedfellows People are effected...

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