Chapter Reading january 15

Chapter Reading january 15 - Western Civilization Short...

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Western Civilization January 15, 2008 Short Summary of Reading Summary: Cook reading 55-69, this reading was about Australia and the way in which it was colonized and created along with the agricultural advances and types of people that inhabited the island. The chapter opened up discussing the theory of Pangaea and how the continents in a way were large landmasses that drifted apart. I also learned that the sea lands were controlled by amount of ice that could be found stacked at or around the northern and southern poles of the earth. This chapter discussed Eurasia as being the largest continent at this time period along with 3 other smaller landmasses being Africa, South America and Australia, they found Eurasia to be different because of the axis that ran east to west instead of north to south. In moving back to Australia as the focus of the chapter began it discussed the absence of farming and reasons for this phenomenon to occur there. One reason it was not there would be the isolation of land and it makes it hard for people to even get there. The second reason being
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Chapter Reading january 15 - Western Civilization Short...

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