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boot & bapt - In 2004 the town of Nogales, Arizona...

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In 2004 the town of Nogales, Arizona began a new project to reduce the amount of immigrants coming into the United States from Mexico. Operated by the Federal and State authorities the Nogales Port of Entry houses inspection teams from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol), Arizona DOT Motor Vehicle Division, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This new house is only one part of The Nogales Federal-State Port Improvement Project. The plan includes Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), joint credentialing facilities, and hazardous waste containment. To put these improvements into action, the Port of Entry recently held a training exercise to simulate a suicide bomber setting off explosions. The mock disaster drill, designed to test the readiness of government and military personnel from both sides of the border, demonstrated the efficiency of domestic and international communications at the Port of Entry. This facility will improve homeland security without slowing down the traffic coming from Mexico into the US or vice versa. Now the US and State officials can more efficiently inspect the immigration papers of those entering or leaving our country. They can assure the wellbeing of their trucks, as well as the merit of goods entering or leaving the states. But a legal challenge is impeding the safety facility; the people of NAFTA are not
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boot & bapt - In 2004 the town of Nogales, Arizona...

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